Uncuffing season couple barely holding on

Summer is the quintessential time of year for fun and joy, the season is synonymous with terms like summer fling and summer vacation. But one rising summer relationship trend – uncuffing season – can perpetuate feelings of discontent, lack of availability, and leave you with a void of healthy connection.

What is uncuffing season?

Uncuffing season is loosely defined as the period of time, usually early summer months when people break off relationships that were previously secured at the onset of winter, aka “cuffing season.” The unspoken reason for the breakup is to be single and free to do as one pleases during the fun months of summer.

Uncuffing season rules assume you’ll form a non-committal relationship with someone you’ll want to end at a predetermined date in the future. This pattern of unhealthy behavior risks damaging relationships with others, and prevents the formation of true connection with a significant other on a more meaningful level.

How to build healthy relationships

When we think of building healthy relationships we often focus on opening up, being honest about boundaries, wants, and needs. But many relationships come to an end so there is an equal importance on how to communicate through the end of a relationship as well. Before ending the union ask yourself if there are relationship problems that communication can help resolve.

How to dissolve a relationship respectfully

Respecting your partner’s emotions, while asserting your own needs and desires can be tricky, but is not impossible to navigate through to part ways on a good note.

Rather than “ghost” your partner or disregard their position in your twosome. Speak honestly about your feelings, show compassion, acknowledge and work through emotions and complexities that even short-lived relationships can bring.

Cuffing and uncuffing, winter or summer – this year, end the cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns, understand your worth, and appreciate that of those around you as well.

Like we said, navigating these dynamics can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together relationship workshops on these very topics, of if you’d prefer dedicated one-on-one guidance on how to love better, customized to your needs, we also offer certified relationship coaching sessions.