image of leaders learning from a cliftonstrengths coach

“What would happen if we studied what was right with people instead of what was wrong with people?” – Don Clifton, founder of CliftonStrengths.

It started with one man who was brave enough to call out the former approach to human development, which previously approached change by identifying and correcting weaknesses. Instead, Clifton suggested, the key is in identifying and building upon individual strengths.

At its core, the strengths-based movement drives human potential with a simple formula: Talent x Investment = Strength. Where talent is defined as the way an individual naturally thinks, feels and behaves, investment is the development of an individual’s knowledge base, and strength is the tendency toward near-perfect performance in a specific area or on a specific task. By this formula, then, we find strength by acknowledging an individual’s natural talents and investing in them through skill- and knowledge-development.

How does this translate to the workplace?

Research shows that people who are able to use data gleaned from the assessment portion of the CliftonStrengths approach were “Six times more likely to be engaged in their job, six times more likely to feel they have a chance to do what they do best on a daily basis, and three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.”

A CliftonStrengths coach can help you learn to asses individual talents and and pair that with an optimal path toward measurable investment. This can be done though individual coaching, career coaching, manager coaching, as well as through the coaching of executives and those in leadership roles.

The result is a path forward toward professional development, more effective management, improved team dynamics and performance, smoother career transitions, and the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

If you’re ready to join the movement and lead from a strengths-based foundation, you are in luck! Our very own Jessica Yaffa is a CliftonStrengths coach, as well as a certified relationship coach. Jessica can help you tap into the treasure trove of talent that resides within you and your team, develop an actionable plan to invest in that talent, and finally, come out stronger than you ever thought you could. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re stronger together.