give the gift of deep connection as a unique holiday gift

The 2019 holiday season is in full-swing and there is something about this time of year that reminds us to hold our loved ones a bit closer. While you may have the best intentions of maintaining your connections during the festive season, relationships can get complicated. From time to time, we all struggle to maintain positive and healthy relationships—whether it be with family members, friends, coworkers, or a significant other. While we all get busy during this time of year, it is important now, more than ever to prioritize your connections. Consider a few of the unique holiday gifts below for ways to promote healthy and happy relationships with 2020 on the horizon.

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Promote Positive Communication

The holidays are a great time to reflect on family values and communication techniques, as it is one of the few times all year you have most of the family under the same roof. Take a moment to go around the dinner table and have each family member share a few things they are grateful for in 2019 and a few things they are excited about in 2020. Use this opportunity to teach the younger generation the importance of positivity, self-love and goal-setting.

Relationship Coaching

This season, consider giving the gift of relationship coaching and it could provide a year’s worth of deep connection and happiness. You could purchase a session for you and your significant other, or could consider gifting it to a family member or friend that would see great value in getting the advice of a relationship coach. Relationship coaching can equip individuals with better communication techniques, which in turn allow for more prosperous connections.

Prioritize Family

Consider gifting your family members something from the heart rather than just another item checked off of their list. Consider taking a family vacation where you can take the time to actually connect rather than spending money on gifts this holiday season. Another easy way to actually show that you care is by creating a book of memories that you and your family can reflect upon together.

Send Personalized Holiday Cards

A great way to ensure you maintain your connections over the holiday season is to send out personalized holiday cards to friends, family, coworkers, etc. that have a special message specific to them. Rather than just sending out a picture to a mass list of recipients, actually consider crafting a small, personal message that expresses your love.

Give Back to Charity

Rather than spending money on gifts, consider spending time with friends, families, or co-workers giving back to charity instead as unique holiday gifts. Visit a local shelter or food bank and give back a few hours of your time.  Another way to take part in charity during the holidays is to give a gift of a donation—this is pretty simple as you can donate almost anywhere online and put it in the name of your loved one.

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