date night spots in san diego

For those of us who are lucky enough to call San Diego home, there are hundreds of great date nights right outside your door! Although Covid-19 is keeping many of us inside currently, use this time to make a list and plan ahead! Making time for one another is such an important aspect of every relationship — and too often it is overlooked. If you are hoping to strengthen your relationship, browse the San Diego date night ideas below. This is just a start, so use these ideas as inspiration to build out the rest of your date list with your loved one — and enjoy checking each one off!


1. Head to the Beach

It doesn’t have to be 80 degrees out to head to the beach. Consider packing snacks and heading over to catch the sunset, or maybe bringing your furry friend and heading to one of San Diego’s dog beaches. Getting outside is always a nice way to spend some time with your significant other—and we are so spoiled to have multiple beaches to choose from near us! 


2. Try a New Romantic Restaurant

San Diego has plenty of dining options to choose from. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of going to the same places over and over, but consider actually heading to the restaurant you guys have always talked about trying. A few hidden treasures include: George’s At the Cove, Mister A’s, Top of the Market, Cucina Urbana. Find a more extensive romantic San Diego restaurant list here.


3. Go on a Hike

There are tons of hiking trails across San Diego— whether or not you are a seasoned veteran, or a first-timer, there’s a trail that will fit your comfortability on Google. Staying active is great for you on a personal level (boost your immune system, improves mental health, etc.) but it is also a great relationship strengthener! Taking part in a challenge together (especially if it’s out of your comfort zone) is a great bonding experience.


4. Grab Drinks, Dessert, Coffee

Sometimes we just need a quick date but don’t have an entire evening to ourselves. If you only have half an hour, consider grabbing a drink, dessert, or coffee together. It’s a quick way to get your alone time in without necessarily having to call a babysitter, sacrifice work, or change plans. Showing up for your partner is so important, even if both of you have busy schedules to work around.

5. Head to an Amusement Park!

Be a kid again! Head to an amusement park in San Diego such as Sea World, The Zoo, or the roller coaster at Belmont Park. De-stress and just enjoy time with your partner. Grab a cotton candy and spend a day walking around the park.

6. Head to a Show

\Buy tickets to the theatre, a comedy show, maybe a drive-in. The possibilities are nearly endless. What’s important is to just take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


7. Make Some Art

There are studios popping up everywhere that specialize in “wine and paint” nights. You can throw on a smock and spend an hour letting your creativity go wild. It’s fun to be led by a teacher and to see how your piece ends up differing from your partners. Art is a great way to tap into the creative part of us that otherwise doesn’t get much exercise. 

Getting creative with date night is just one way to show your significant other that you are putting time and commitment into the relationship. However, If date night doesn’t seem to be the solution — and your time alone has been feeling strained — consider taking time to chat with a relationship coach. Even if you just need a sounding board, Jessica Yaffa is a certified relationship expert that can work with you and your partner to foster a healthy, stable, and happy relationship.

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