When we think about the link between trauma and mass violence, we typically think about the aftermath of mass violence and the resulting trauma. An interesting article recently published by Haven Hills Recovery, a women’s trauma treatment facility in San Diego, CA., explores the topic from a different angle. They wanted to know if mass violence could actually be a symptom of underlying trauma – that is, do some people commit mass violence in response to trauma? In this piece, 5 experts were interviewed and asked to answer the following questions:

1. Could mass violence be a symptom of underlying trauma?

2. If it is a symptom, how does trauma affect a person so profoundly that they feel mass violence is the only solution?

3. How can we, as a society, do a better job when it comes to addressing trauma?

The answers are fascinating. Our very own Jessica Yaffa was included in the expert panel and asked to weigh in. Read her answers, and the responses from the other experts here. A lengthy read, but insightful and worth the time!


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