text abbreviations every parent should know if there is ever a question of safety.

In honor of February being Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we thought there was no better time than now to put together a list that could help parents keep their teenagers safe. A lot of romantic relationships between teenagers begin and flourish online (dating apps, social media) or via text message/direct messages.  Red flags about an unhealthy, unsafe, or inappropriate relationship are likely to be traceable on their cell phone or computer. We have compiled a list of text abbreviations that every parent should know if they want to be informed and educated when their own teenager begins dating. This list is not about snooping on your teen, but rather knowing the warning signs to look for if there was ever a question of safety.

143: i love you

1432: I love you too

182: i hate you

303: Mom

420: Marijuana

4YEO: For your eyes only

53X: Sex

9: Parent watching

99: Parent gone

ADR: Address

ASL: Age/sex/location

ATM: At the moment

BFN: Bye for now

BOL: Be on later

BYOB: Bring your own booze/beer

CD9: Parents around/Code 9

CTN: Can’t talk now

CID: Acid (drug)

CUNS: See you in school

DOC: Drug of choice

FYEO: For your eyes only

FWP: Friends with benefits

GNOC: Get naked on camera

GTG: Got to go

GTFO: Get the F* out

GYPO: Get your pants off

IDK: I don’t know

IDC: I don’t care

IRL: In real life

KK: Okay

KPC: Keeping parents clueless

KWIM: Know what I mean?

LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life

MIRL: Meet in real life

NBD: No big deal 

NVM: Never mind

NMU: Not much, you?

NMP: Not my problem

NP: No problem 

NSFW: Not safe for work 

NTIM: Not that it matters

PAL: Parents are listening

PAW: Parents are watching

P&C: Private and confidential

P911: Parent alert

POS: Parent over shoulder

PIR: Parent in room

PCM: Please call me

PTB: Please text back

RUMORF: Are you Male or Female? 

SUGARPIC: Suggestive or erotic photo

SOS: Someone over shoulder

TWD: Texting while driving

WYRN: What’s Your Real Name?

WFM: Works for me 

WTH: What the hell 

WYCM: Will you call me?

WUF: Where you from?

WTF: What the F***

Becoming acquainted with text abbreviations is just one of the many tools you can equip yourself with when raising a teenager. It’s challenging being the parent to a teen, and the truth is we don’t always know what to do. The good news is, you’re not alone. Consider reaching out to Jessica Yaffa for individual or couple therapy to learn more about how to keep your teen safe in today’s dating world. Jessica also offers expert-led group workshops if you think this is something other parents would benefit from. The best way to protect your teen is to stay in the know, and to be aware of warning signs if they do occur.

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