Would you know if a teen was experiencing teen relationship abuse? While some signs are more apparent than others, the truth is, ALL warning signs are important and we need to take make sure we’re not missing any, including those which seem to be more subtle.

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We’ve compiled this list of warning signs to watch for. If you see any of these signs in your teen or a teen you know, do NOT ignore them! Start the conversation about healthy teen relationships and get professional help if necessary.

  • teen in abusive relationshipOverly secretive, overly flattering of partner or fiercely defending the relationship
  • Pulls away from loved ones more so than is developmentally normal
  • Loss of friendships
  • Withdrawn when normally talkative or engaged – may be an indication they are mentally and/or emotionally consumed with the relationship
  • Overly tired
  • Compulsively checks phone, seems nervous about being available for their partner
  • Gets nervous/anxious when talking about partner
  • Struggling in school when previously successful
  • Constantly challenging the rules when previously compliant


If you would like more tips about healthy teen relationships or about starting the conversation with your child, check out our workshop – The ABC’s of Relationship Abuse: A Workshop for Parents of Teens. Get actionable tips and all the info you need in bite-sized, easy to understand pieces. Know what to look for, and most importantly, what to do next if you think there’s a problem.