staying connected during coronavirus through virtual means

There is no doubt that every person across the globe has felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. Couples are not immune to some of the new challenges that are coming up during the quarantine. While some couples are lucky enough to be quarantined under the same roof, not everyone is quite as fortunate. Whether you traveled to be with family, are simply following social distancing rules, or one of you is an essential worker in mandated quarantine — chances are — your relationship is feeling the stress of this uncertain time. Below are just a few ideas for staying connected during coronavirus with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner during the coronavirus.


1. Virtual Dinner

All of us are stuck in quarantine making more home-made meals than many of us are used to, so  take advantage of all the time being spent in the kitchen. Set up a virtual dinner date with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/wife using the video chat platform of your choice (Facetime, Zoom, Skype). Using your phone can be your automatic reaction, but consider hopping onto your computer as it gets difficult to hold your phone and cook/eat at the same time. If you and your partner both enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, consider doing a cook-off where you buy the same ingredients and tackle an online recipe “together.”

2. Movie Nights

Just because you and your partner are separated because of the quarantine doesn’t mean you have to miss out on movie nights or the shows you typically watch together. Many channels have on-demand options online, which allow you to start the show at the same time, even when under two different roofs. For movie nights, consider looking into Netflix’s new capability, “Netflix Party”  which allows you to host long distance movie nights with friends and family to stay connected during coronavirus. 


3. Virtual Game Night

A lot of people are pulling out board games during the quarantine, but if you are not quarantining in the same house as your partner, it can be difficult to join in on the fun. Don’t worry, there are plenty of online options available for couples looking for a virtual game night to stay connected during coronavirus. If you’re looking to play a simple card game, check out this website. There are also a number of board game platforms you can browse. For more game ideas, check out this article.


4. Question-of-the-day Game

One way to keep things interesting during this pandemic is to engage with your significant other in a question-of-the-day game. You can really do this across any socially-distant medium, such as, phone call, email, text, social media chat, etc… Take a few minutes each morning when you wake to ask your partner a question you don’t know the answer to. This can be playful, personal, heart-felt, thought provoking — whatever you prefer. A few questions to inspire you:


Which song reminds you the most of your life?

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

What was your favorite game as a child?

What is something that can’t be taught and can only be learned with age?

What should parents stop teaching their children?

If you could live your life again knowing what you do now, what would you change?


5. Send Weekly Care Boxes

While you shouldn’t be exchanging tons of mail, take the necessary precautions to schedule a day each week where you and your partner both take some time to put together a care box for one another. This can include a combo of thoughtful items you know they will enjoy, such as candles or a nice bottle of wine, along with necessities, such as disinfectant wipes or toilet paper. Take note of things they may have mentioned needing, and take one day of the week to do all your shopping at one time. Make sure to wash your hands often when packing the box. Consider including a hand-written note to add more of a personal touch.


6. Online Relationship Coaching Sessions

Relationships are already challenging, but adding a global pandemic to the equation can be especially stressful. Do not be ashamed if you want some outside help to bring some positivity and light to your relationship. Just because we are in a quarantine, there are still online therapy and relationship coaching appointments available for couples. Jessica Yaffa, certified relationship coach, is here to help couples to understand some of the unique challenges brought on by isolation and stress without breaking quarantine procedures. If your relationship is struggling, consider reaching out to Ms. Yaffa for online sessions — which can help you to grow closer,  while remaining physically distant.

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