woman enjoying self care in a bath with candles reading a bookThe holidays are merry and joyful, but can be stressful and exhausting at times on top of the already hectic and chaotic way life can usually be. That’s what makes self care so important year round and especially during the holidays. Taking care of number one is critical to feeling healthy, well, and happy.

These are twelve perfect self care gifts


Weighted Anxiety Blanket

Weighted blankets, also referred to as anxiety blankets are a special type of blanket with evenly distributed weight. The warmth and pressure mimics the feeling of a hug and is said to have a positive impact on mood and combat anxiety disorder. Research consistently shows pressure on certain parts of the body releases serotonin to improve mood and stimulates the production of melatonin which improves sleep.


Lighting a candle has an undeniable effect on mood. Lovely scents and the gentle calm of a flickering flame puts candles on the top of our list of the best self care gifts to give yourself.


Tea has a soothing, calming, and invigorating effect on mood. There is a different flavor and variety of tea for every mood, each bringing its own unique set of health benefits. Ginger, ginseng and green herbals teas provide a boost of energy and kickstart your metabolism. Drink these in the morning to get your day started or at lunch for a midday pick-me-up. Teas like chamomile and lemongrass can reduce tension, calm the mind, and reduce blood pressure. There are hundreds of flavor combinations so you can enjoy a sweet cup of tea anytime.

Local Recommendation: Point Loma Tea has over 150 organic teas in all different styles and flavors, each hand picked by the owner, Cheryl.


Reading is like a fitness class for the mind and soul. An hour of reading can give you a comforting escape and help you expand your knowledge. Knowledge is power, so curl up with a blanket and take a few minutes to yourself. We recommend self help and mindfulness reads as well as real stories of men and women who have made big lives for themselves.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason! Just like with teas, there are a variety of scents that invoke various therapeutic qualities. Look for a diffuser with colored lights, or a fan to spritz out long lasting scent. With your diffuser, a little water, and a blend of essential oils you’re on your way to benefits like better sleep, protection against cold and flu, emotional health and more.

Bath Bombs

Nothing says self care quite like a relaxing bubble bath. Bath bombs are filled with lovely ingredients such as fragrant essential oils, nourishing butter, moisturizing oils, and fun extras like flower petals, glitter, and coloring to take your bubble bath to the next level.

Local Recommendation:San Diego Bath & Body Co. sells locally made, amazing calming mini bath bombs among many other beautiful self care products.

Face Masks

You look at your face every single day, so take care of it! Give your skin extra special treatment with a deep moisturizing face mask. We recommend a sheet mask to cleanse pores, refresh, and fight aging. Bonus tip: Wear it while you’re enjoying your bath bomb soak for double the self care.


Buy yourself a journal and use it! Countless studies have shown the benefits of writing down your thoughts to better cope with stress, relieve anxiety, sort through your thoughts and resolve issues you’re dealing with. Find yourself a cute journal you look forward to opening up each day and let it all out.


Don’t buy yourself art, make it! Like journaling, creating art has the healing qualities of stress reduction, boosted creative thinking and self-esteem, and provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. Find a group painting class and bring your friends to enjoy it with you too.

Local Recommendation: Paint Nite San Diego hosts paint nights at local restaurants each week. You can pick the picture that appeals to you and then create your own to take home.

Comfy PJs

Treat yourself to a new pair of soft, comfortable pajamas. Choose soft organic fabrics like cotton or bamboo in subtle shades that get you excited about sleeping in on a sunday morning.

Yoga Class

Stretch and sweat it out! Take one hour of your day to find your center and make peace with your body. Find a yoga class that fits your experience level or challenge yourself with a new format. Vinyasa or restorative yoga are all great options for slowing down and focusing on breath. Whereas sculpt and bikram will show you how strong you are.

Local Recommendation: Strength & Serenity yoga class at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla is just the right balance of strength and mind work.


There are so many amazing apps available that can help you sort through your thoughts and live a happier life each and every day. Some of our favorites fall in the categories of mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking, even daily journaling apps. Many of these apps are completely free or just a few dollars, an investment well worth it.  

Bonus #13 – Relationship Coaching

Give yourself the best self care gift of all, a one-on-one relationship coaching personalized for your unique journey. Start the new year by coming to terms with what you have endured, shifting unhealthy belief systems around relationships and creating space to find what you truly deserve. Jessica offers in-person and phone coaching to anyone looking to work on relationships of all kinds.

If you get yourself just one thing this holiday season, let it be self care. In whatever form it takes work for you.

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