It is with great anticipation that I’m able to announce the launch of what has been an incredible project. I have recently stepped away from what has been a wonderful several years in the substance misuse treatment field in order to whole-heartedly plunge into the work that I believe is my purpose. As a result, Jessica Yaffa, LLC now exists in order to offer our one-of-a-kind certification program titled RVARS (Relationship Violence Assessment and Response Specialist).

This unique and comprehensive training is being offered to all schools, treatment centers, therapists, hospitals, military bases, corporations, and faith based communities around the country!  The reason behind the creation of this specialized program is that we have received an incredible amount of feedback regarding the need for more intensive, hands-on, innovative, evidence-based, and trauma informed training surrounding this topic. I have the absolute pleasure of presenting to a variety of stakeholders, from teachers to therapists, as well as military personnel, human resource departments, business owners, and survivors.

Each time I share my own story, as well as what I’ve learned along the way, those I’m sharing with often ask about additional learning opportunities surrounding trauma-informed assessment, safety planning, mandated reporting requirements, cultural sensitivity, case studies, and new language in order to provide safe spaces for these important conversations. These requests are what sparked the development of RVARS, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the ability to share such a remarkable program.

Being a survivor myself, I can recall countless times where opportunities for intervention were missed, questions were asked in both dangerous and misguided fashions, challenges surrounding cultural dynamics were ignored, and I was made to feel shamed, judged, ignored, and often ridiculed. If by providing the RVARS Certification we are able to change the experience of even one survivor at a time, it is certainly worth every bit of time, energy, effort, research, and sacrifice along the way.

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