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Looking for relationship help online? With much of the globe still under the weight of the pandemic, we’re seeing an increasing trend toward online services, including relationship help. If you’re struggling with your relationship, looking to find balance within your partnership, or wanting to address your own relationship patterns, online help is a viable, effective, and convenient solution.

With this fairly new delivery method of services, we wanted to offer some things to keep in mind as you navigate your search for relationship help online. Here are 6 things to be mindful of when seeking the best care:

1. Online Relationship Help is Effective

Of course, as with any undertaking, you’re going to get out what you put in, and working with a relationship professional is going to take some work on your part, whether you seek help in person or online. If you’re showing up and putting in the work, studies have shown that online therapy is both effective and cost-efficient.

2. Research, Research, Research

Just as you would with in-person services, research online providers you’re considering. What are their credentials? Are there any online testimonials? Do they have any complaints lodged against them? How do payments work? What is their cancellation policy? What are their core beliefs about the services they offer and do those beliefs align with yours? Most relationship coaches and therapists offer a free consultation to determine fit – don’t be shy about booking a few minutes to speak to them and see how you would feel working with them. A good fit is important for good care.

3. Seeking the Help of an Online Relationship Coach vs. a Therapist Has Advantages

In-person sessions typically require both the client and the provider to be in the same vicinity. With online sessions, however, those who seek treatment have a much larger pool of professionals to choose from, since commuting no longer presents a barrier. When it comes to choosing an online relationship coach versus an online therapist, an individual has even more options, as therapists are limited to providing services within their state, and coaches can serve anyone, anywhere.

Additionally, since the length of the coach/client relationship is often shorter than the length of the therapist/client relationship, seeking the help of a coach can be both time and cost-effective when compared to the therapy route.

The third advantage of hiring a coach is increased flexibility. While therapists are required to follow certain protocols as mandated by their licensing board, a coach does not have these same restrictions and the coach/client have more flexibility in how care is provided.

4. Secure Platforms

When you find a professional who is a good fit for you, take some time to understand their platform for online sessions. Video sessions and payment gateways should both be secure, and if you’re not sure, it’s perfectly ok to ask the professional you’re considering. 

5. You Can Do Individual Sessions or Couples Sessions

If you don’t have a partner and are wanting to improve your own relationship patterns, or if you’re in a partnership and your partner does not want to attend sessions, you can still seek relationship help on your own. 

6. It Doesn’t Matter Where or How You Get Help, As Long As it Works for You

Whether you seek relationship help online or in-person, or you choose a coach, therapist, or another provider, the best path forward is the one that works for you. Your chosen professional will serve as a consultant and guide as you work through your relationship issues, and it’s up to you to decide who can guide you and specifically which guidance you need. 

This is a fairly shortlist, but should get you started on your quest for relationship help. As you begin the process, it will become more familiar and feel less daunting. The best part? You can change your mind at any time. If you start down one path and discover it’s not a good fit, you’re free to find another path. You can do this, and we are here to help.

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