Practicing personal space and self-care during lockdown

Things have certainly changed in the last few months. With the lock down or “stay at home” order, many of us are finding that- like it or not, we are forced to stay put. This can look different for different people. Some of us are staying at home with our partner, children, or roommates. This could mean that we are now working from home, with remote access. This could mean that we are not working at all, because we have been furloughed, laid off, or let go. Whatever your situation is- You are more likely than not still going to be needing time and space to yourself, and opportunities to care for yourself, comfort yourself, and relax. Continue reading for tips on how to create your own personal space and how to use that space to continue to care for yourself- even during this global pandemic.

Creating Personal Space and Utilizing it for Self-Care During the Lockdown 

  1. Reminder to get creative and think “outside the box”, personal space doesn’t have to be actual physical space, it could be some mind space that we create within ourselves that helps us to feel calm and settled.
  2. Personal space could also look like removing yourself from the room or the home that you are currently in. This could look like moving from the living room with your family to taking 10 to  30 minutes in the bedroom (or even bathroom!) by yourself. This could look like going out to the balcony or the patio and taking an intentional amount of time to provide space for yourself to just be. 
  3. Getting outside. This could look like taking a walk around your neighborhood (with recommended protective gear), or going to a trail, or local park that has been reopened recently. 
  4. Taking a drive. A drive in the car is a creative way to get some personal space. You can play the music as loud as you want, you can roll the windows down, and feel the fresh breeze on your face.
  5. Meditation. Meditation is a great way to create a personal space bubble for yourself to simply just be in. You can meditate and one of the spaces that you have created for yourself whether it’s in a different room or a balcony or space outside or even your car. Meditation helps to create a mental and emotional personal space for you to increase relaxation, bring your focus back to the present moment and things you can control, and to get better in tune with your physiological body and your mental emotional state.

When we create personal space and self-care during Lockdown- it gives us the freedom to do whatever we want with that time and space. Maybe that means just “being”- sitting in stillness and breathing. Maybe that means reading a book- as a distraction or as encouragement. Maybe that means seeking out opportunities for healing- an online relationship workshop or a digital seminar. Maybe that space is used for our time with our therapist or relationship coach. Creating space for self and finding ways for self care doesn’t need to be another thing we do, it doesn’t need to be another check off on the list. Finding our personal space and using that space to take care of and comfort ourselves is an opportunity to let us just be – and use that time and space- to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

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