Keynote Speaker | Relationship Violence Presentation Topics
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Keynote Speaker for Relationship Violence


Jessica is available to speak at events for:







Jessica Yaffa is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and domestic violence expert who captivates her audiences and inspires change. Willing to speak about issues that many people keep quiet about, Ms. Yaffa not only breaks the barriers, she challenges listeners to change the way they view and talk about abuse.


Whether you are looking for a motivational keynote speaker to address abuse in the workplace, teach professionals how to help survivors, reduce relationship abuse on your campus, teach parents about teen relationship abuse, or otherwise educate your audience about anything related to domestic/intimate partner violence, expert Jesica Yaffa is heralded as one of the nation’s top keynote speakers for relationship violence.


“Jessica delivers her message with sincerity, compassion, and honesty. Her dynamic presentation brings the audience full circle; from tragedy to a place of hope and joy.” – Deanna, Conference Attendee


“I have had the opportunity to hear Jessica speak on more than one occasion, and have found her to be an engaging and compelling speaker! She is well-prepared and has the ability to share her experiences in a way that draws you into the subject. I highly recommend her as a speaker! – J. Jones


“Hearing you speak may have saved a life.” – Anonymous, who was able to recognize an abusive situation in a neighor’s home. She was then able to intervene and help the survivor to safety. 


Below is just a sample of keynote presentations Jessica has done. If you have a specific topic you’d like Ms. Yaffa to cover, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your options.


woman overcoming relationship violence


Jessica shares her powerful story, as a young woman going off to college, soon finding herself trapped in the confines of a relationship that would change her life forever. This presentation focuses on the “void” that many young women attempt to fill by moving from one unhealthy relationship to the next, only to find that this void still remains. It is the identifying of what this “void” represents, and our working to fill it not with another person, but with feelings of value, self-worth, and acceptance as we begin to repair what no one else can.


Jessica targets this presentation for companies and organizations that recognize the importance of supporting their employees that are in destructive relationships. Jessica works to educate the audience surrounding how domestic violence affects work environments, reporting obligations, workplace safety, and caring for co-workers and employees that we suspect may be dealing with abuse at home.

employees representing abuse in the workplace
woman overcoming relatoinship abuse


Jessica targets this presentation for communities that recognize the importance of supporting their neighbors/friends/loved ones that are in destructive relationships. Jessica works to educate the audience surrounding how domestic violence affects community environments, reporting obligations, safety planning, and caring for community members that we suspect may be dealing with abuse at home.


In this keynote presentation, national keynote speaker Jessica Yaffa uses her own story to exemplify how and why so many teens/young adults end up in abusive relationships. As a teen, Jessica fell for the first boy who told her she was beautiful. The attention he gave her filled her with a sense of value and self-esteem that was lacking. She thought, “He must love me if he gets jealous of my other friendships and relationships”, a red flag that many teens misunderstand. Throughout this presentation Jessica will focus on identifying unhealthy relationship traits, red flags, warning signs, how to reach out for help, and what to do if you or a friend believes that he/she may be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. This presentation focuses on educating, inspiring, and empowering teen girls to build their self-esteem and find their value in order to be in a position to enter healthy relationships.

teens learning to overcome unhealthy relationships
therapist helping client overcome domestic violence


A presentation based on her guide book, Help Me, Help Her: A Guide to Treating Survivors of Domestic Violence.  Ms. Yaffa begins with sharing her story as a survivor of extreme domestic violence, as well as rape and then walks participants through the stages of healing; focusing on what was/wasn’t helpful along the way. Then a discussion surrounding the work she has done with thousands of survivors, utilizing information from hundreds of support groups, book interviews, and crisis interventions in order to guide the professional into appropriate assessment tools, issues surrounding cultural sensitivity, core longings, therapeutic tools, and resources. It is her intention to bring the audience full circle; from tragedy to a place of hope, understanding, education, and clinical expertise where appropriate.


Over 80% of sexual assault survivors report knowing their perpetrator. Even more, thousands of young men and women also express feelings of confusion surrounding the existence of rape within the context of relationship. In this presentation, renowned keynote speaker Jessica Yaffa will share her experiences around her own misconceptions about her being raped, while also exploring societal myths about acquaintance rape, and sexual exploitation in relationship. Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own beliefs about this important topic, while also discussing community trends, identifying resources, preventative tools, and exercises addressing the elimination of guilt and shame, as well as helpful activities that assist in the healing process.

woman wondering what constitutes rape