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5 Tips you can use right now

Knowing how to fix communication issues in a relationship can be difficult. Healthy relationships require consistent, effective and positive communication in order to thrive. We learn early on that expressing emotions and connecting with others is essential in building relationships. As simple as it seems, speaking your mind (even as an adult) doesn’t always come naturally. Most of us forget how important that honest communication is with the people we care about. 

Even the healthiest of relationships require fine-tuning. Attempting to incorporate some new tools to put into your communication toolbox is never a bad idea. If you are looking for some advice as to how to improve your relationships with loved ones, consider a few of the communication techniques below.

1. Set aside time to speak face-to-face.

In a time where most of us can stay glued to our phones, face-to-face communication should be a high priority. Whether it be your significant other, friends, family members, etc. it is important to show your loved ones that they are indispensable. Being able to look each other in the eye truly helps you translate your emotions. This simply cannot be made nearly as clear via text, email or even a phone call.

2. Be aware of your body language.

When trying to translate our emotions to a loved one, make sure you keep in mind what your body language is saying about your feelings. Be respectful of your loved ones. Remember that communication can be done in a variety of ways and most do not actually include conversation. Most of the time, your body language can be a better indicator of your true feelings. If you are pushing certain emotions to the side rather than communicating them you can send mixed signals.

3. Determine your own value and what you want from a relationship.

Healthy relationships are best built on a solid foundation of understanding your own needs and values. Before you can effectively communicate with others, you need to be able to have an honest conversation with yourself. What do you want from a relationship? What needs or values are the most important to you? Once you can pinpoint your priorities in a relationship, it becomes easier to communicate those needs to a partner, friend, coworker, etc.

4. Stay open and honest.

Communicating effectively in relationships can be a challenge when you do not have an open arena for honest conversation and expression. Both parties in a relationship need to feel comfortable with sharing their emotions without the fear of being judged or reprimanded. Be gentle with one another and remain open to hearing and understanding a different perspective than your own.

5. Assess your own communication style.

Each individual has their own way of expressing their emotions. In order to steer clear of misunderstandings, you must respect and recognize not only how your partner translates emotion, but how you do as well. Have you taken an audit of how it is that you best process information/emotions? You cannot expect to enhance your relationship communication skills without first addressing what types of communications speak to you. Understanding that communication is a two-way street is vital to a healthy relationship and can only be traversed if both parties recognize the others’ needs.

Communicating your feelings can be challenging. If you are ready to learn how to fix communication issues and change your relationship habits, shift patterns of toxicity and better understand your own values and needs, consider looking into relationship coaching packages offered by Jessica Yaffa. Jessica offers relationship coaching for both individuals and couples seeking to better understand themselves in the context of intimate relationships. Relationship coaching can be the first step towards establishing better communication patterns that foster long lasting and fulfilling connections.

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