image of love coach sharing a paper heart with client

When we think of the term, “love coach,” we tend to draw up the visual of a mentor helping a lonely individual who is unlucky in love. While this may be the case for some coaching relationships, for most people, a “love coach” is so much more than someone who guides them toward love with a partner. 

In fact, more often than not, a love coach is more of a mentor in the journey toward loving oneself, a key foundation in finding love with another person. Below, we discuss seven ways a love coach can be helpful, even if you’re not in, or looking for, a relationship.

Seven Ways a Love Coach Can Help

1. Untangle Past Hurts

Sometimes a relationship, or the end of one, can leave wounds that harden our hearts. Whether we turn it inward or outward, the effects of these wounds can result in a lowered sense of self-worth, decreased confidence, a negative view towards relationships, and hesitation to drop our armor and let others in. 

While a healthy dose of caution can serve us well when it comes to relating with others, unhealed wounds can keep us from truly connecting with others. A love coach can be a great source of support in these situations, helping you safely untangle past hurts and find space where you feel safe in relationship with others.

2. Explore What a Healthy Relationship Feels Like

Of course, we’re not talking about having a romantic relationship with a love coach (that would go against ethics). All the same, a love coach can show you what a healthy relationship looks like between humans. From honoring commitments, to showing up when they’re needed and listening without an agenda, a love coach can remind (or teach) you what it looks like when someone genuinely cares and holds space for a healthy exchange between two people.

3. Deconstruct Unhealthy Messages about Love

We receive our earliest messages about love during our childhood. We learn from the way our caregiver(s) treat each other, themselves, and us. These messages are then adjusted or reinforced through interactions with our peers and others as we grow up.

Needless to say, if we received unhealthy messages about love, and those messages were reinforced, by the time we are adults and navigating relationships, our personal view of love may be tarnished. 

A love coach can help you work through these messages to determine which ones are serving you well and which ones may be cast aside. Of course, only you can determine which messages are beneficial to you, but a love coach can help you approach the topic with new questions and insights that will help you create your own messages about love.

4. Navigate a Difficult Relationship

Not everyone who sees a love coach is looking to move forward in relationship with another person. Sometimes, we need an unbiased party who can help us see all sides of a difficult situation. 

In the case of a difficult relationship, a love coach may be able to offer reflective insight and new questions to consider as you steer your way through.

5. Reconnect with Feelings of Self-worth

All human beings are innately worthy. Read that again. All human beings are innately worthy… even those of us who are certain our worth doesn’t measure up. 

Whether your feelings of low worth stem from a toxic relationship in adulthood or you’ve had a general sense of low self-worth that you’ve carried most of your life, a love coach can help you reconnect with your self-worth.

6. Define and Assert Personal Boundaries

When it comes to problems in relationships, the issue of personal boundaries comes up time and time again. Being able to define, and assert, boundaries is a skill that can often feel intimidating to learn, especially if we don’t have a good model for boundaries in action.

Whether you struggle with asserting yourself, or you struggle with even knowing what your boundaries are, a love coach can help you explore this more deeply and create an action plan for improving this skill.

7. Communicate Better

Not every issue surrounding love and relationships is a dire make-it-or-break-it issue. Even something as simple as learning little ways we can communicate better can help us deepen our connections and our experience of love. 

Whether you’re in a happily committed relationship, or you are enjoying the single life, a love coach may be able to enhance and deepen the connections you already have.

So, if you find yourself throwing out the idea that a love coach can help you, remember that the journey is more than just finding love with another person. The true value comes when we find love with ourselves, and who better to join us on this journey than someone who knows a lot about love?

If you or a loved one are struggling with relationships, love, or self-worth, please reach out. We can navigate this together.