How to Deal with a Narcissist

Dealing with a narcissist can be difficult. Whether they are our partner, parent, child, friend, boss, or co-worker, interacting with them can create feelings within us of shame, low self-worth, frustration, and fatigue. You might also be interested in: Everything You Need to Know About Love Bombing It can be difficult to spot a narcissist […]

Relationship Coaching: 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Coach

Finding the right relationship coach can be daunting. Improving your relationships requires a lot of work and it’s important to have a qualified guide to walk you through the journey. So just how do you choose the right coach? These 6 tips will guide you through the process so you can get to work on […]

The Link Between Trauma and Mass Violence

When we think about the link between trauma and mass violence, we typically think about the aftermath of mass violence and the resulting trauma. An interesting article recently published by Haven Hills Recovery, a women’s trauma treatment facility in San Diego, CA., explores the topic from a different angle. They wanted to know if mass […]

Am I Being Abused?

When we hear people ask this question, our first response is if you find yourself asking the question, it’s worth exploring the answer. While it’s normal, and even healthy, to ask yourself about the health of your relationship from time to time, if the question, “am I being abused,” continues to pop up for you, […]

Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Changing that Negative Tape

Leaving an Abusive Relationship: Changing that Negative Tape by Jessica Yaffa, BA, CPC When we are told over and over again that we are unlovable, unworthy, untrustworthy, and incompetent, our brain begins to believe this to be true. When we are leaving an abusive relationship it is important that we work on changing our thinking […]

Self-Care in an Abusive Relationship

Self-Care in an Abusive Relationship by Jessica Yaffa, BA, CPC What is Self-Care? Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced […]

Men Can Be Victims of Abuse, Too

Men Can Be Victims of Abuse, Too While we are making great strides in creating safe spaces for abused women to come forward, it’s important to remember that men can be victims of abuse, too. Not only do we need to recognize the extent of male victimization, we need to create safe spaces for them […]

4 Ways to Combat Isolation in an Unhealthy Relationship

4 Ways to Combat Isolation in an Unhealthy Relationship If you’ve ever been in an unhealthy, or even abusive, relationship, you know just how isolating it can be. You may have withdrawn because you feel embarrassed, or ashamed, or otherwise don’t want to be judged. Or, you may be withdrawn because your partner is controlling […]

When is it Rape?

When is it Rape? by Jessica Yaffa, Certified Relationship Coach In short, the answer to the question, “When is it rape?” is: Any sexual activity performed without consent of the other person. What is Sexual Consent? Consent is when someone agrees, gives permission, or says “yes” to sexual activity with other persons. Consent is always […]

Domestic Violence and Same-Sex Couples

Domestic Violence and Same-Sex Couples   Most of what we hear about intimate partner violence refers to heterosexual women, but they are not the only ones who suffer from domestic violence. Statistics show that one out of three women and one out of four men will be subjected to intimate partner abuse in their lifetime. […]