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relationship coaching supervision

Turn your coaching knowledge into a coaching practice!

Meet weekly or monthly in a facilitated group of fellow coaches and use the time to:

  • ask questions
  • practice coaching in a live environment
  • set goals with accountability
  • get the support you need to grow a thriving practice

Group coaching membership options:

Single monthly session: $99/month, meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm PST

Weekly sessions: $250 per month, sessions held weekly on Tuesdays at 5:30pm PST
All monthly packages are available on a month-to-month basis.

Join now! Select your supervision option below. You will be charged the monthly fee today and will be automatically charged each month until membership is terminated.

“I learned that, as a coach, one of the main roles I would play is showing up and modeling a safe and secure relationship which, for some, may be the first and only time they’ve experienced one. I can incorporate that into my work by being a consistent, transparent, authentic, and predictable coach and modeling what it is to have boundaries.” – Certified Coach

Do I need coaching supervision?

Depending on your coaching certification, you may or may not need to participate in ongoing coaching supervision to maintain your certification. Whether it’s a requirement or not, most coaches find supervision spaces to be incredibly helpful in building a practice, gaining confidence as a professional, and solidifying the skills necessary to be an effective coach.

What are the benefits of supervision with the Jessica Yaffa Coaching Institute?

The Jessica Yaffa Coaching Institute has a solid reputation for nurturing coaches through an evidence-based curriculum and a trauma-informed approach. We are experts, specialists, and professionals with a strong desire to help people tap into authentic connections and improve their relationships in ways they never thought possible.

I’m not a certified coach. Where can I get certified?

You have options when it comes to coaching certification, and we hope you will consider us as you take this next step on your journey. The Jessica Yaffa Coaching Institute offers several certification training sessions throughout the year. Our training courses are fast-tracked intensives, designed to be an immersive experience of coaching as a profession. Check our coaching certification page for information on our upcoming courses!

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