Woman and woman having healthy conversationType “healthy relationships definition” into Google and you’ll find several articles claiming to crack the code on what thriving couples do to show respect and love to one another. The truth is, relationships are a learning process, and men and women both old and young find themselves searching for ways to better treat their partner to ensure lasting happiness with one another.

February is Healthy Relationships Month on many college campuses across the country and we’re excited because it is crucial for young people to become familiar with healthy foundations and meaningful relationships. Valentine’s Day also falls in this month providing the opportunity for people of all ages to reflect on what makes a relationships healthy.

Rather than focus on the what not to do, in this article we are featuring 10 healthy romantic relationship tips for couples, including what helps keep love and respect thriving long term no matter what stage in life you are in.

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Advice on healthy romantic relationships

  1. Maintain your individuality

“Especially in a romantic relationship, being able to have a life separate from each other is crucial. For example, meeting up with the girls without having to invite your guy (and vice versa!). Or even having a solo hobby. Doing your own thing is smart, and it makes the time you do spend together that much more special.” The Fox and She

  1. But stay united

“Realizing you’re a team and not just two people (or multiple people for you poly folks) is a great way to think of your relationship. A relationship isn’t just you and them, it’s US. Being a supportive partner is crucial.” – A Mighty Love

  1. Put the other person first

“Putting each other first every day and finding new ways to have fun together has been so rewarding.” – New Darlings

  1. Know each other’s love languages

“Understanding your love language is about knowing what you need from a relationship. If you aren’t aware of your love language, it may be hard to pinpoint why a relationship isn’t working…Understanding your significant other’s love language is about knowing what you need to give in a relationship.” Visions of Vogue

  1. Give your full attention when listening

Knowing that you are being heard is so important. It builds trust with your partner and opens the lines of communication. So, next time your partner is telling you a story about work or complaining about his boss, let him [or her] know you’re listening. Simply saying, “I understand”, or smiling at him [or her] will show that you’re present in the conversation and willing to help in any way that you can. – Advice from a Twenty Something

  1. Have fights, but do it the right way

“Never ever, use abusive words, as your spouse finds it tough to forget the hurt you inflicted on him/her. You words should never cross the limits of decency. Marriage in no way gives you the right to abuse your spouse in the name of argument.” – Breezy Storm

  1. Share how you feel and talk out your issues

“If you do end up in a tough situation, not talking about it will just let those negative emotions simmer and fester. Share how you’re feeling with your partner, even if it’s a tough conversation. In the end, they are there to help support and listen to you.” – Just Add Glam

  1. Don’t compare what you have with what others have
    “My number one piece of advice for relationships is to not compare yours to anyone else’s… If you are happy with how often, how many dates you do or do not go on and/or happy with the amount of time you spend watching TV on the couch together – who cares about anyone else! You do you!” – Damsel in Dior
  2. Be excited to be with each other

“No one is promising that it will be easy all the time, but being in a relationship shouldn’t feel like a chore. You should look forward to spending time together and go out of your way to make that happen. If you find yourself ignoring calls & messages, making plans without your partner or feeling relieved when things get cancelled- it’s probably a flag that something isn’t right here.” – Simply Sabrina

  1. Keep some things between the two of you

“From my own personal experience, I’ve just found that it gets messy. Which is why I believe, your relationship = your business. Talk it out with your significant other and move on rather than venting with your friends and then always feel like its a black cloud hovering over you.” – Live Laugh Linda

Couples coaching is another great way to build a solid foundation, assist with healthy communication, help navigate through complex situations couples face, and deepen the bond between you and your partner. No relationship is perfect, but through a commitment from both to being the best partner possible, you can have a healthy, happy, connected, and fulfilling relationship.

If you’d like to explore couples or individual relationship coaching call us today. We would love to help.