8 Things I Want Girls to Know

About Teenage Dating Learning to navigate hormones and relationships is already a difficult task for teens. When you add in peer pressure and unhealthy relationships, the situation can get pretty sticky. Renowned relationship abuse expert and domestic violence survivor, Jessica Yaffa, has 8 very important messages for girls about teenage dating. You might also be […]

Jessica Talks Healthy Relationships and Self-Worth with Cassie Gaub

Our very own Jessica Yaffa shares her personal story and talks about healthy relationships, self-worth, and the benefits of seeking a relationship coach with Cassie Gaub. Healthy Relationships and Self-Worth Join Cassie and Jessica for an open talk about relationships and self-worth. Host: Cassie Gaub Interviewee: Jessica Yaffa, CPRC

Characteristics of Healthy Romantic Relationships

Domestic Violence and Same-Sex Couples

Domestic Violence and Same-Sex Couples   Most of what we hear about intimate partner violence refers to heterosexual women, but they are not the only ones who suffer from domestic violence. Statistics show that one out of three women and one out of four men will be subjected to intimate partner abuse in their lifetime. […]

When Abuse Turns Deadly

When Abuse Turns Deadly And How to Get Help When Suffering from Domestic Violence   Intimate relationships are a central part of our lives. A relationship might evolve as a happy surprise, or something deliberately and lovingly nurtured over time. But, sometimes, even a loving partnership can turn into domestic violence. You may not notice […]

Healthy Teen Relationships: 6 Things Your Teen Needs to Hear

Sometimes it can be difficult to sort through the “noise” of parenting. Even without worrying about healthy teen relationships, the decisions are endless, the advice (both good and bad) is all-too-plentiful, and the constant barrage of input from social media, parenting books and magazines can have us feeling uneasy and not sure which direction to […]

Teen Relationship Abuse: The Warning Signs

Would you know if a teen was experiencing teen relationship abuse? While some signs are more apparent than others, the truth is, ALL warning signs are important and we need to take make sure we’re not missing any, including those which seem to be more subtle. You might also be interested in: Healthy Teen Relationships […]

Teenage dating and the dangers of teen relationship abuse

When we think about relationship violence we often limit the population we assume to be affected as married adults. However, with so many advances in technology and the pressure of early relationships, we are finding that more of our youth are experiencing teen relationship abuse, or at least, red flags. Dating violence can range from […]