February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. In the previous blog post, we shared with you some statistics on teen dating violence and offered some encouragement for what to do if you suspect or know that your teen is experiencing dating violence. We also shared some proactive things you can do before your teen becomes […]

Teen Dating Violence – What Parents Should Know

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This is such an important topic for parents to be aware of, but can tend to be overlooked. Unfortunately, teen dating violence may be more prevalent than we recognize or want to acknowledge. But the more we talk about and become aware of the realities of dating violence, […]


It’s a new year! Many of us are coming off of the holidays with hopes and expectations for the coming year. Perhaps there are some major things you want to be different this year, or maybe, you are simply making a small shift in one area of your life. You might be someone who’s had […]

Assessing For Relationship Abuse As A Coach

For anyone doing any sort of coaching (certainly relationship coaching), we have a responsibility to have an understanding and comfortability around assessing for, and talking about, relationship abuse. And to be confident creating space where the folks we are working with are able to engage in conversation with us around these very vulnerable and often […]

What Our Relationship Teaches Our Kids

We talk often about how being in a healthy relationship helps us connect and grow as adults. Equally important is what our relationship teaches our kids. How we show up for ourselves and our partner will set the groundwork for how our kids show up for themselves and their partner when they enter into relationships […]

Are We Moving Too Fast?

Are we moving too fast? New relationships can be so tricky to gauge. We’re inundated with hormones, bliss-like feelings, and dreams of what could be, all the while, we’re focusing on putting our best foot forward and trying to determine if “this is for real.” It’s as if, in this stage, time both speeds up […]

From Lovers to Friends: Can it be Done?

We hear of so many romantic tales about friendships that turn into romantic relationships. But what about the other way around? Can a couple successfully move their relationship from romance-status to platonic friendship? The answer? Well, it depends on the partners involved. Here are some things to consider when determining if you and your partner […]

Is Sex Important in a Relationship?

Inquiring minds would like to know: Is sex important in a relationship? The answer is… well, it’s complicated. Sex and intimacy are such a complex part of a person’s individual world and there are so many varying preferences on sex, that it’s difficult to offer a general answer to the question. Individuals can have different […]

Relationships Are Hard

Real talk: relationships are hard. One myth that needs to be debunked about relationships is that if it’s right, it should be easy and smooth all the time. The romanticized idea that relationships are all chocolates, gifts, and roses is outdated, and quite frankly isn’t based in reality. This take on relationships is not setting […]

ADHD and Relationships

As awareness about ADHD is spreading, it makes sense to explore the impact of ADHD on relationships. Sometimes, when we gain an understanding about why our partner behaves the way they do, it can open the door to creative problem-solving within the relationship. It’s important to remember that only a licensed professional can make a […]