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The Rise of Video Dating

Leave it to a pandemic to swing us into a new ‘normal.’ Every facet of our day-to-day lives has been touched by new ways of doing things over the last year and a half, and dating is no exception. As singles across the globe entered various stages of lockdowns and social distancing, many of them […]

Common Relationship Problems During the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time, no doubt. We write a piece every year about the impact of the holidays on relationships, and we still have yet to run out of discussion points on the topic. This year, we’re unpacking 7 common relationship problems during the holidays and offering a few tips to navigate this […]

Self-Abandonment and Relationships

Do you ever feel like you lose yourself in relationships? Do you stay in a relationship that breaks you down? If so, you’re not alone, and while there are many different reasons this pattern plays out, one reason could be linked to a tendency toward self-abandonment. What is Self-Abandonment? To understand self-abandonment, it helps to […]

When a Friend Tells You They’ve Been Cheating

What to do when a friend tells you they’ve been cheating on their partner? Few topics can elicit an emotional response like that of hearing about a partner cheating in a relationship. Of course, the most charged response will likely come from a partner who just found out they’ve been cheated on, but even as […]

When Your Partner Has Trauma

“70% Of Adults in the US have experienced some form of trauma in their lives.” – The National Council for Behavioral Health Trauma seems to be a new buzzword that has cropped up over the last decade, but trauma itself is anything but new. When we look at the statistics of trauma, we recognize that […]

Why You Put up With Mind Games in Relationships

Mind games. We are all too familiar with the ‘should I or shouldn’t I be the first to reach out’ or the ‘they read the text but haven’t responded’ or ‘they say one thing but do another’ debacle. Games and relationships are rough. They’re frustrating and leave us feeling confused and helpless. Read on for […]

Is Sleeping in Separate Beds Bad for a Marriage?

Is sleeping in separate beds bad for marriage? First off, it’s important to remember that nothing can be generalized as “good” or “bad” for marriage because marriages are so specific to the individuals in them. What might be “good” for your marriage may not work for others, including the decision of whether or not to […]

3 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Relationship Shaming

Relationships, partnerships, and marriages look much different nowadays than they have in the past. The outdated, traditional- man and woman- marriage is no longer the perceived norm. Thankfully, as a society, we are becoming much more inclusive– acknowledging and allowing space for all types of partnerships. Some people might have a polyamorous relationship. Some might […]

What if I Don’t Like My Mother-in-Law?

You love your partner. You and your partner have committed to each other, through the good times and the bad. But you didn’t commit to their family. Dealing with in-laws can be difficult. Especially, a mother-in-law. Your partner’s mother was their first caretaker, their first protector, and their biggest fan. When you then step into […]