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How To Make Up After a Fight

Arguing or fighting in a relationship can be tough. We try so hard most of the time to not upset our partner, but inevitably there will be times when we hurt or disappoint them. There will also be times when your partner hurts or disappoints you- we are human, and messing up is part of […]

My Partner Drinks More Than Me

When first starting to date someone, grabbing drinks & dinner is usually a go-to outing. Meeting for cocktails or coming over for a glass of wine are ways that couples who are getting to know each other can unwind together (if no one identifies as sober). But there is a lot of room on the […]

Having Hard Conversations in a Relationship

Ugh – that dreaded “we have to talk” conversation. Inevitably, in all relationships, there are issues that need to be discussed. Disagreements and conflict are a very normal part of even the healthiest of relationships. You are two separate people with two separate pasts that you each bring to the relationship. And that separateness means […]

23 Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine’s Day 2023 is just around the corner and we’re excited to share the love! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 23 unique ways to express your love, without actually saying, “I love you.” You can use the following list to spread love in a relationship with your partner, your children, or even a friend. Pick […]

Relationship Messages: Not Just an Empty Carton

Relationship messages from an empty orange juice container? Indeed.   After a long day at work, you come home and kick off your shoes, toss your keys on the end table, round the corner to the kitchen for a little snack and boom – there it is, mocking you. The silhouette of an empty orange […]

Parenting a Troubled Teen, Together

It can be scary for a parent to see their teen struggling in a post-pandemic world. While we’re still trying to figure out what the long-term effects of the pandemic will be on teens, what we’re seeing right now are symptoms consistent with social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, substance use, and self-harm. Basically, our teens […]

Cuffing Season: Cold Weather and Coupling

We’re deep in the heart of winter here in the US, and with cold weather comes an increased drive toward the warmth of coupling. If you tend to feel more amorous in the colder months, you’re not imagining it. Cuffing season is an actual thing- and behind it, we see biology, romantic ideals, and social […]

The Holiday Proposal – A Good Idea or No?

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and the time of year when we are easily swept up in the magic of the moment. For some, that magic is in the prospect of a marriage proposal. If you’re feeling a little pressure to add an engagement ring to your holiday shopping list, don’t fret- here’s […]


75 Conversation Starters for Dating

One of the most difficult things about dating in the flesh is figuring out what to talk about with your date. If you’re stuck on conversation points for your next date, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled the following list of 75 conversation starters for dating to help you get the chit-chat rolling and get to […]