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You are not alone if you are struggling in your relationship. Regardless of if you are married, engaged, or dating- all relationships present their own unique and difficult challenges. We are all human, after all! In the same way like a group of coworkers benefit from team building activities, you can strengthen the bond with your significant other by playing games that can open up lines of communication, bring you closer together and strengthen your relationship. From time to time we have all struggled with speaking our feelings and sometimes having an activity to follow along with makes it easier to open up and have honest communication with your significant other. If you are looking to boost communication or to better engage in your relationship, consider trying one of the relationship-strengthening games for couples and activities mentioned below. 

1. Do Hobbies You Both Enjoy

While this isn’t so much a “game” or “activity”— a great way to strengthen the bond of your relationship is to get out of the house and do something that makes both of you happy. This can be hiking, painting, seeing new movies, really anything that both of you enjoy.

2. Play The Truth Game

Ask each other fun or intriguing questions that you agree to answer with complete transparency and honesty. Games for couples like this could include to asking each other about your biggest hopes, dreams, fears, biggest embarrassment, fondest childhood memory or most valuable learning lesson.

3. Share Positivity

Take the time out of each day to share positive thoughts with your partner. You can do this easily via text, sticky note, or a conversation during coffee. Just ensure you take some time to tell them why you love them, are proud of them, or are happy to be their partner.

4. Swap Resources

One way to share more intimate feelings that may be hard to talk about is by sharing your favorite resources such as books, movies, podcasts, etc. Many of us connect with media in one form or another. It can provide a new platform of communication for you and your partner. Consider games for couples such as this that include reading a new book or diving into a new series together, so you can talk through each major milestone together.

5. Talk About Your Goals

Sometimes relationships can get confusing because we don’t have a complete understanding of our own selves. Even if you think you have a grasp on who you are, we all are forever changing and evolving and it is worthwhile to check-in every so often. Sit down with your partner and talk about your goals as individuals as well as a pair. Are you living according to your values and beliefs? Do you and your partner share a vision for the future?

While the above are some starting points for couples looking to strengthen their relationships, there is always the option of turning to a certified Relationship Coach. If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in learning tools and tips to thrive in a healthier relationship, consider reaching out to Jessica Yaffa. Jessica offers relationship coaching for both individuals and couples seeking to better understand themselves in the context of intimate relationships. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and often surrounds topics related to self-worth, unhealthy dynamics, toxic patterns, communication, pre-marital preparation, and goal setting.

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