image of couple expressing romantic interest

Expressing romantic interest can be tricky. There’s always that moment- when you are really into someone and excited about the possibility of a future- but you don’t know how to communicate it without feeling like you are coming in hot. You can be both direct and authentic. You can express that you are interested without the other person feeling like you are jumping a few steps ahead.

Read on to explore 3 ways to express romantic interest without coming on too strong.

1. Be clear and direct.

Your initial thought might be to keep things casual and neutral. You might say, “do you want to hang out Friday?“ When you really want to say “can I take you out on a date on Friday?“. The outcome is the same, you want to see this person on Friday. However, the intention is defined when you use direct language like date vs. hang out. Using words that communicate romantic interest helps to reduce the ambiguity.

2. Don’t underestimate body language.

Your body language is different when you’re around a parent as opposed to around a romantic interest, right? Body language can be helpful in communicating romantic interest without coming on too strong. Direct eye contact, smiling, or having your arms at your side instead of crossed are ways that you can communicate that you were open and romantically interested as opposed to platonically engaged.

3. Be honest about your availability.

Sometimes when we are romantically interested in someone we can open up our schedule or calendar to anything that they have available. It’s important to remember, that you have a life too. Setting boundaries with yourself as far as your time, energy, and effort is important early on in dating.  Be available when you are available and communicate that you are not available when you are not.

Working with a relationship coach can help you figure out what direct and intentional language and action looks like for you. Having the feedback of an objective third-party, who is trained in relationships and connection, can be exactly what you need while navigating the sometimes rough seas of the dating world.