image of couple for 2023 valentine's day post on ways to say i love you

Valentine’s Day 2023 is just around the corner and we’re excited to share the love! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 23 unique ways to express your love, without actually saying, “I love you.” You can use the following list to spread love in a relationship with your partner, your children, or even a friend. Pick something from the list, or use the list to generate your own ideas, and go ahead – let love win.

  1. Try making your loved one’s favorite childhood food
  2. Take care of their errands and chores for a day
  3. Learn their love language, then learn to speak it
  4. Ask them what you can do to help them get closer to a goal of theirs, then do it
  5. Make them a book of mementos and cherished memories of your time together
  6. See if their favorite far-away restaurant can ship some of their best culinary goodies
  7. Learn how their hobby works so you can join in conversations about it
  8. Hide notes of adoration in different places and let them find them
  9. Create a treasure box of notecards with loving messages, one for each day of the year
  10. Mail them a sweet letter (even if you live with them!)
  11. Recreate a fond memory you have together
  12. Speak highly of your loved one and let others know how much they mean to you
  13. Create a work of art that honors your relationship – a poem, a painting, a short story, or a song
  14. Gift them an item they love but wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves
  15. Clear your schedule and give your undivided attention
  16. Offer a public display of affection that feels comfortable for both of you
  17. Give them a long, loving hug 
  18. Ask them what makes them feel loved, then strive to do it
  19. Send them on a treasure hunt with loving clues and a grand prize they’ll love
  20. Create your own treat calendar with a little something for every day of the month
  21. Make an effort to learn something new about them
  22. Be vulnerable with them
  23. Make space for positive growth in your relationship


So there you have it, 23 unique ideas to say I love you, without actually saying I love you. As always, if you would like a little help living better and loving better in your relationship, a relationship coach may be able to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out – 2023 just might be your best year for love yet!