Jessica Yaffa | Relationship Recovery Coaching
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Relationship Recovery Coaching



Is your client, student or adolescent:

  • Finding themselves moving from one unhealthy relationship to the next?
  • Stuck in fear surrounding the thought of leaving a toxic relationship?
  • At risk of substance misuse, disordered eating, or other dangerous behavior as a result of relationship trauma?
  • Unable to move out of the guilt and shame they are feeling surrounding their relationship choices?
  • Caught in a negative belief system about what they do (or don’t deserve) both within and outside of relationships?
  • Unable to establish healthy boundaries in their existing relationships?


jessica yaffa relationship violence keynote speakeressica offers one-on-one coaching for those who are at risk of engaging in, or are in the process of healing from traumatic relationships. As a survivor herself, she understands the difficulty that exists surrounding the disclosing of our thoughts, feelings, and decision making process as it pertains to relationship trauma. While there are often people in our lives who truly love us, and ultimately want what’s best for us, it can often take the accountability, empathy, and compassion of a professional coach (who happens to have engaged in the journey) in order to fully come to terms with what we have endured, while also creating space for long-term shifting in our belief systems surrounding who we are and what we are deserving of, both within and outside of intimate relationships.


Ms. Yaffa works alongside treatment centers, therapists, first responders, faith leaders, teachers, parents, and survivors themselves as an adjunct service provider in a very unique and specialized capacity. If you are seeing an individual in a professional capacity, no matter your role, and believe they may benefit from some additional support surrounding their relationship history, Jessica offers both face-to-face and phone coaching sessions for survivors around the country.