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jessica yaffa keynote speaker

Working to end global abuse... one survivor at a time.

Jessica Yaffa

CEO, Speaker & Trainer

Jessica Yaffa is a survivor of domestic violence. She has transformed a set of extremely traumatic circumstances into a triumphant story. Ms. Yaffa is the co-founder and President of NoSilence NoViolence, Inc., a non-profit committed to providing education, training, resources, and community development in order to eliminate stigma surrounding relationship abuse and sexual assault, while creating awareness, shifting perspectives, and facilitating change around the way we talk about domestic violence, as well as addressing the needs of those affected by this epidemic. In addition, Jessica has recently published her memoir Mine Until: My journey into and out of the arms of an abuser and a workbook for therapists’ titled: Help Me, Help Her; A Therapist’s Guide to Treating Survivors of Domestic Violence.


Ms. Yaffa travels the country speaking at universities, hospitals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations including but not limited to: UCSB, MIT, Utah State, CMU, UCLA, SDSU, Missouri State, Starbucks Headquarters, Chargers, Balboa Naval Hospital, IAEDP, WAAT, and multiple treatment centers sharing her commitment to ultimately inspire a movement to end abuse globally. Jessica currently serves as the President of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council and has been featured on both television and in print as one of the leading experts surrounding this topic.

Karolyn Shapiro licensed marriage family therapist

Changing the way we talk about intimate partner violence and trauma.

Karolyn Johnson, MFT


Karolyn Johnson, MFT. Karolyn received her undergraduate degree from Santa Clara University and her Master’s Degree from Alliant International University. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC81409), certified domestic violence provider, speaker and trainer.

Karolyn has extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families that have been impacted by intimate partner violence, trauma, and substance misuse, in both residential treatment centers and private practice. Karolyn’s therapeutic work is influenced by the belief that safe, secure relationships are essential to our well-being. She has used this perspective as the foundation for the work she does as trainer and speaker. Karolyn has co-created unique and progressive training programs and workshops offered around the country. She takes a collaborative approach to support her clients and participants in developing self-awareness, insight and ultimately creating authentic connections with others. Karolyn is passionate about changing the way we talk about issues including and surrounding intimate partner violence and trauma, and the resources available to those in need.

Shiloh Reed relationship violence coordinator

In pursuit of breaking the cycle of violence through prevention and education.

Shiloh Reed

Training Coordinator

Shiloh Reed comes to us with seven years experience working directly with domestic violence survivors. Shiloh graduated from CSU San Marcos with a bachelors degree in Human Development and an emphasis in Counseling Services. She then went on to complete her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University. It was during her graduate program that she was introduced to servicing the domestic violence population. Shiloh began working directly with survivors and their children at Center for Community Solutions. She spent two years on the front line working with survivors in crisis at a local shelter as well as providing individual and group therapy during her internship. During this time she also began serving at The Rock Church where she was connected with Jessica Yaffa.


Shiloh helped to build the curriculum for support groups, and launched a teenage healthy relationships group for what is now Jessica’s non-profit, “NoSilence NoViolence.” Ms. Reed holds the position of  Vice President on the non-profit’s Board of Directors, with her heart and passion being the pursuit of prevention and education among our younger generations in hopes to help break the cycle early on in relationship building.

cheri harkleroad domestic violence outreach manager

Utilizing the power of digital media to reduce violence and improve the human experience.

Cheri Harkleroad

Digital Outreach Manager

Cheri Harkleroad graduated from UCSD with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and has over a decade of marketing experience, including but not limited to digital media. Cheri’s business Craft & Clover currently focuses on website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), branding, social media, and interactive digital outreach. While these are all areas in which Ms. Harkleroad specializes, what makes the work she does unique is that Cheri commits herself to working with both individuals and organizations that are invested in changing the human experience. Ms. Harkleroad has had extraordinary results in her ability to positively affect brand recognition, business leads, online presence, and cause awareness, while investing in the mission of those she creates for.


Cheri has worked not only with Jessica Yaffa, LLC, but has also developed websites and created entire strategic online campaigns for substance misuse treatment centers, online communities, small businesses, and is in the process of creating her own non-profit which will positively impact the lives of homeless youth nationwide.